Your Personal Skin Care Profile


The more you understand your skin, the better equipped you will be at maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. Genetics influence your skin at birth, however as you age, your environment and lifestyle significantly impact the skin’s health and vitality. To always look your best, you should first determine your skin type and match it to a recommended Regime that will help improve its appearance and slow down the aging process.

At EcoGenics, we’ve taken the guess work out of skin care. Our recommended plan will help enhance and sustain your skin. It provides a regime that guides you on which products to use, when and how often. It’s fast, easy and affordable!

Simply answer the following Seven (7) questions below and press next after each question. After answering the Seventh (7th) question, a plan most appropriate for your type of skin will be presented.


1. The natural color of my skin is:Q_1


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2. The size of my pores look:Q_2


(Question 2 of 7)

3. By midday the skin on my face typically feels:Q_3


(Question 3 of 7)

4. My face is likely to break out with a blemish or imperfection:



(Question 4 of 7)

5. The usual state of my skin is: Q_5


(Question 5 of 7)

6. By midday my complexion  generally looks: 



(Question 6 of 7)

7. Without any sun protection, my skin will:



(Question 7 of 7)





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