Healthy Skin Care Advice

  1. Drink plenty of water.

    Water cleanses the impurities from the skin and aids in weight loss. Eat healthy natural foods (non processed) and include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Try this delicious skin care cocktail prepared in a juicer:
    – 5 carrots (scrubbed and ends trimmed)
    – 1 apple (remove seeds)
    – 1 stalk of celery
    – 1/2 cucumber (seeds removed)

  2. Never go to sleep with your makeup on

    no matter how tired you are. Discipline yourself to remove it every night.

  3. Never irritate a blemish.

    This will only aggravate the condition and cause scarring and pitting of your skin. Blot the blemish with rubbing alcohol or peroxide. If you have persistent problem skin consult a dermatologist.

  4. Get plenty of exercise.

    Always wash your face immediately after a work out. It is a good idea to perspire but do not leave a residue of perspiration on your skin.

  5. Take a steam bath to steam clean your skin all over.

    A wet steam bath will leave you feeling clean and refreshed. Rinse with warm water when finished. Steam will help bring water to the surface of the skin. Skin that has water at the surface is less likely to wrinkle and show signs of age. For those with dry skin, apply moisturizer.

  6. Be conscious of changes in the weather

    and how they can effect your skin. Take the ECOGENICS SKIN CARE PROFILE whenever the needs of your skin are changing and adjust your beauty application accordingly.

  7. Start caring for your skin at an early age.

    The teen-age years are the best time to start. If you are only just beginning, remember it is never too late to start.

  8. Remember… makeup can only do so much.

    A beautiful painting requires a smooth canvas.

  9. Every skin type can benefit from exfoliation.

    It is natural for your body to shed dead skin cells and replace them with fresh new ones. That is why it is a good idea to scrub, smooth and polish the skin’s surface manually with a face cloth, loofah or product designed specifically for this purpose.

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